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Help your students demonstrate their fluency in Google apps tools with the G Suite Certification

Digital skills are becoming increasingly important for the jobs of tomorrow. Now students can demonstrate their mastery of G Suite applications such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides for the workplace with the G Suite Certification for students.

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The G Suite Certification Exam

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With the G Suite Certification, students can show prospective employers and colleges that they are fluent in digital collaboration tools.

Test knowledge

Validate advanced comprehension in G Suit skills.

Get workplace ready

Empower students to master G Suite tools that they’ll use in the workplace and beyond.

Build a stronger resume

Help your students stand out to prospective employers.


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Set your schedule with your test-taker group using the administrator or facilitator user guides.


Complete checklist

Follow this helpful checklist to get your students situated.


Certify your students

Confirm the test taker roster before administering the exam. Good luck to your students sitting the certification exams!

Ways you can get prepared  Not sure if you’re ready the exam? Here’s ways you can prepare.  Get ready for the G Suite Certification exam
G suite certification preparation

Need prep materials? We’ve got you covered.

Help your students prepare for the G Suite Certification exam with guides, lessons, and practice exams.

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  • What is the exam?

    The G Suite certification evaluates an individual's proficiency in using G Suite’s comprehensive set of tools (Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Forms, and Hangouts Meet).

  • Who is this exam for?

    This exam is for students who want to demonstrate proficiency in G Suite. We recognized and have heard of the growing demand for a G Suite certification for students (ages 13-18), and have invested time to create a professional exam that is relatable and useful to the education space. By taking the exam, students are able to demonstrate mastery in G Suite, which is seen as a valuable asset for future skills preparation and career readiness.

    In order to comply with the privacy regulations for minors, the testing process for students differs from the process for adult examinees. Please note: the exam content remains the same for both audiences as the same skills are valued for future skills and job training.

    If you are an adult in the education space (i.e. a professor, teacher, administrator, etc.) we recommend taking our Educator Certifications, as they are more relevant to your profession. Learn more at g.co/EDUcertifications.

  • How can students prep for the certification?

    The certification has no required preparation. However, if you would like to provide your students with prep, consider the Applied Digital Skills curriculum. The curriculum offers 11 free, ready-to-use lessons that prepare students for the certification, and separate skill areas by G Suite app. So your students can start from scratch or brush up practice specific apps. You can also check out our exam guide, practice exam, and Qwiklabs Quest

  • What is the format of the exam?

    There are two parts to the exam: a multiple choice section and a performance-based section. For the exam session, test-takers will receive a unique G Suite domain to solve authentic real world and workplace problems using the various apps.

  • How is the exam delivered?

    This 2-hour exam has 2 sections: a multiple choice section and performance-based section. The students must take the exam online via a Chrome browser in a group setting at school - either in a classroom or computer lab - and should be facilitated by a teacher, librarian, or administrator. Please review the System Requirements prior to delivering the exam.

  • What is the difference between the G Suite certification exam, and the Google Certified Educator exams?

    The G Suite certification is an enterprise certification for young professionals, which we are also making available for K-12 students. We have heard from educators and school leaders alike the need for a certification for students that prepares them with the skills necessary for the workforce. The G Suite certification fulfills that need for your students, and gives them a way to demonstrate mastery of Google tools. The Google Certified Educator exams are built for the educator audience, and cover the relevant Google products and pedagogical applications of our tools built for the classroom.

  • Will the G Suite certification be available to all students?

    The certification can be taken by anyone aged 13 and up except in countries with a higher minimum age, which are detailed in this support article.

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